Saturday, January 10, 2009

Earlier this evening, watching a traffic cop negotiate a "fair" bribe with a offending biker at the expense of total chaos around the intersection he was supposed to control, a thought came to mind - how about making traffic policing an independant professional activity something along the lines of Chartered Accountants? Modest targets may be set for cops manning intersections based on expected average daily collections worked out by the traffic department or other independant agencies. The expected revenue per cop based on a simple formula applied to these targets may be auto-debited from the cops' bank accounts. Any fines cops gather over the target would serve as his incentive. Cops who fail to acheive the target despite retraining and mutiple chances could be weeded out. This would address 2 important problems that traffic police face today -
  1. Curb revenue loss through the distribution chain caused by corrupt cops to a large extent.
  2. Provide incentive to cops who otherwise earn meagre salaries, to make money commensurate with the effort they are prepared to put-in.

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