Sunday, January 22, 2006

That's me with pals, hanging out at burjuman mall. (L toR) Manoj (good chap from gwalior), Sachin (an extreme case of shopping mania this guy, he must have picked up gifts for half of hyderabad, his home town, for his impending India trip. He can spend hours checking out the "right" T shirt, tie, socks, simply any damn thing, Tom (Tom is a Chinese-Indian. Speaks better hindi then many southies at work! cool chap)

That's the view from my office cube. The tallest tower in the background is the emirates WTC.

Aziz bhai, my first paki pal and kebab chef at the shehar-e-karachi restaurant, downstairs. He now "reserves" his choicest sheek kebabs just for me!

A cute kid we saw at the Virgin store in burjuman.
Another view of burjuman mall.